What Size Mermaid Tail Blanket Do I Need?

Are you not sure what size mermaid tail blanket to buy for yourself? Or maybe you are buying a mermaid blanket as a gift and need help deciding? If either of these applies to you, we are happy to help!

First of all, it is best to refer to the specific product listing for accurate size information for that specific blanket. The listing will give you the product dimensions. 

That being said, our mermaid tail blankets are one-size-fits all for adults and teens. The blankets are large enough that they will comfortably fit most adults and teens.

The adult/teen mermaid tail blankets are also suitable for children ages ten and up. It will be a bit large at first, but the child will grow into it and be able to enjoy the blanket for much longer. 

All of our mermaid tail blankets are flexible on size since they can be folded down. This allows for a comfortable fit no matter your size. 

If you still have questions after reading this, please reach out to us on our contact page. We would be happy to help you further!